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Read-only services

Supported inPrerequisites


  • The Read-only API is a reporting service
  • It supports Standard and Connected Wallets
  • Use the Read-only API endpoints to get data related to your accounts, Wallets, and Funds


Further to the basic requirements, you need:

  • API keys set with permission to use Read-only services

Service overview

The Read-only service provides a reporting service to Qredo customers and their trusted parties. Read-only provides basic information about your:

  • Account
  • Organization
  • Fund
  • Wallet


Read-only's reporting service complements the Standard Wallet and the Connected Wallet, Web3 API Wallet's reporting needs.

Read-only services

The Read-only API provides a suite of endpoints that return data related to Personal and Organizational accounts; Wallets; and Funds.

GET /accountGet account info. Responses differ for Personal or Organization accountsRead only
GET /balanceGet account balanceRead only
GET /funds/ Get a list of all account FundsRead only
GET /funds/{fund_id}Get info for a specific FundRead only
GET /funds/{fund_id}/ledgerGet transaction history of a specific FundRead only
GET /trustedpartiesGet a list of trusted parties. Works with personal accounts onlyRead only
GET /wallets/{wallet_id}/history Get transaction history of a specific WalletRead only

See the Qredo API v1 specification for detailed information on how to use these endpoints.

Programmatic control

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