The Qredo API and Partner API are being deprecated and will be replaced by a breaking change in Q4. To receive updates about the release, register here.
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Qredo API

Manage API keys and secrets


If an Administrator regenerates an API key, the API key will be updated for all Organizations in which this user has the Administrator role.

Step 1: Generate an API key

In the Qredo Web App, generate and copy the API key and API secret. See the UI guide.

Ensure secure storage of your API secret, as you will not be able to visualize it again.

Step 2: Assign permissions

In the Qredo Web App, assign permissions to your key. See the UI guide.

The following permissions are available:

BalancesAllows holders of the key to access the /balance endpoint of the Read-only API
Read-only AccessAllows holders of the key to access all Read-only API endpoints, including balance, account info, Fund info, Fund ledger, transaction info, etc.
Submit DeFi Transactions Over APIAllows holders of the key to submit Web3 API Wallet transactions over API and view transaction status

Now you are ready to sign API calls!

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